The sea level and coastal changes group at MARUM, University of Bremen and ZMT is a research group focussing on coastal environments and their evolution at different time and spatial scales. The group is active mostly in the study of paleo sea levels from different periods, from Holocene to Pliocene, and in the resesearch on the dynamics of modern coastal environments. The group also collaborates with ecologists to investigate the link between ecological processes and geomorphology at different time scales.

The group is funded by Institutional Strategy of the University of Bremen, funded by the German Excellence Initiative and by ZMT, the Leibniz Center for Tropical Marine Ecology.

To know more about our research, see below

Research topics

Pliocene sea levels

Last Interglacial sea levels

Holocene sea level changes

Coastlines in a higher sea level

Coastal geomorphology and links with ecological processes

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles in coastal areas






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