Remotely piloted aircraft systems

We own two small remotely piloted aircraft systems, which we use regularly for coastal monitoring studies.

  • A small copter, hardware by DJI Innovations (model Phantom 2), modified to meet our custom specifications by flyingeye.
  • A fixed wing drone by Lehmann Aviation (model LA300)

On these drones, we mount either a gopro4 camera, with modified lens to avoid effects of the lens distorsion on photogrammetric reconstructions, or a canon S100 camera with firmware software modified to shoot aerial pictures.

As a base station, running the software necessary to set up and fly our drones, we use a Windows 8 ASUS tablet.

We are also in contact with companies in different countries active in the world of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. These companies own drones that can transport heavier payloads and have experience in obtaining authorizations to fly in different countries.

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