25-26 Nov 2014 Course: Paleo Sea Level Changes: Eustasy, Tectonics, Isostasy. GLOMAR PhD School, MARUM, University of Bremen

Oct 2014 Assistant for the field Course ‘Carbonate Sedimentology’ by prof. Hildegard Westphal, University of Bremen

Oct – Nov 2011 Imperia (IT). Lecturer at the master “Techniques in environmental monitoring”

22-24 Nov 2011 Series of lectures: “Use of GIS in the assessment of coastal and marine landscapes”, with theory classes and practical exercises. Course of Ecology of seascapes, held by Prof. Carlo Nike Bianchi, University of Genoa, Italy

Sept 2011 FOR-Mare association and University of Pavia. Lecturer at the summer stage “Experimental ecology and geobotany”

2008 – 2010 DIPTERIS – University of Genoa. Teaching assistant for the course “Principles of geomorphology”, Prof. Marco Firpo, University of Genoa

Jan – Apr 2008 University of Genoa, Faculty of Mathematical, Physical and Natural Sciences University tutor in Earth and Environmental sciences.

29 May 08; 19 Apr 07; 04 Nov 2005; 21 Apr 2005; 26 Apr 2005 Department for the Study of Territory and its resources,  lectures for master students in Environmental Sciences, University of Genoa, IT